Guiding customers through the jungle of rules, guidelines, and technological developments towards a useful toolbox for testing and assessment of their products.

Project Management

Management of projects for assessing and adapting novel tools for efficacy and toxicity testing to the needs of the customer.

Business Development

Driving the valorization of ‘fit-for-purpose’ in vitro assays, in silico tools and NAMs by supporting new start-ups addressing needs of industry sectors and regulatory authorities.


Mature ‘fit-for-purpose’ methods and approaches with good commercial perspectives and significant impact on the numbers of animals used in research, product development, and efficacy and safety assessment are of interest.
Investment is considered after evaluation of the proposed business and financial plans.
Examples include SenzaGen BV (Lund, Sweden), ToxGenSolutions BV (Maastricht, Netherlands), PreMeDia (Hangzhou, China).

3Rs Management and Consulting ApS

3RsMC is a non-profit initiative with the objective to bridge the gap between test developers (often academia and small enterprises) and test users (industry and regulatory authorities). Its main focus is therefore on replacement strategies, and on refinement and/or reduction strategies but only as far as relevant for the development and improvement of replacement approaches.

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