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Making in vitro assays, in silico tools and novel approach methods (NAMs) the standards in research, product development and safety assessment

Knowledge sharing, communication, education and training, facilitating technology transfer and application in real life settings

To bridge the gap between basic research and applied research and to drive the implementation and application of ‘fit-for-purpose’ mechanism-based in vitro tools assays, in silico tools and NAMs 3RSMC has established an extensive network spanning the 7 industrial sectors. The 3RSMC mission comprises (i) connecting test developers with test users to build confidence and drive acceptance by individual companies through small ab initio studies, (ii) validation of these ‘fit-for-purpose’ methods addressing regulatory needs, and (iii) building confidence in test approaches/strategies through application.

We offer assistance when you want  to bridge the gap between test developers and test users

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3RsMC is happy to be part of the ONTOX consortium (start dato: 01.05.2021)

The ONTOX consortium is to provide a functional and sustainable solution for advancing human risk assessment of chemicals without the use of animals in line with the principles of 21st century toxicity testing and next generation risk assessment. Specifically, ONTOX will deliver a generic strategy to create innovative new approach methodologies (NAMs) in order to predict systemic repeated dose toxicity effects that, upon combination with tailored exposure assessment, will enable human risk assessment.

3Rs Management and Consulting ApS

3RsMC is a non-profit initiative with the objective to bridge the gap between test developers (often academia and small enterprises) and test users (industry and regulatory authorities). Its main focus is therefore on replacement strategies, and on refinement and/or reduction strategies but only as far as relevant for the development and improvement of replacement approaches.

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